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Posted on March 11, 2017

Federal versus State Criminal Charges

California state court and federal court are different jurisdictions.  Consequently, different laws and procedure to apply.  Not all criminal defense lawyers are familiar with both state and federal court.  Therefore, when faced with any federal charges, it’s important that you retain an experienced federal crimes attorney to represent your interests.

Federal accusations trump any accusation in state court.  Furthermore, the punishment for a federal crime is far more severe than in state court.  For instance, someone facing a firearm charge in Orange County Superior Court usually faces one year in the county jail followed by a probation period.  However, under similar facts in federal court, a defendant could face ten (10) years in federal prison.  Also, since federal and state court are different jurisdictions, someone could face double punishment – both in state and federal court.

When faced with a federal charge, there is no question that retaining an experienced lawyer is critical to your interest.  To schedule a free confidential consultation, contact an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney who’s familiar with federal practice and procedure at the Law Offices of John D. Rogers.

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