Federal Crimes

Orange County Federal Crimes Attorney

Federal charges are significantly different than state offenses. The process is far more complex and the punishment tends to be more severe. Federal prosecutors are extremely experienced and armed with unlimited government resources at their disposal to ensure they secure a conviction. Federal crimes are typically conducted by federal investigations, such as the FBI, DEA, SEC, and other power investigative agencies. If local state law enforcement is involved, they are likely working alongside with a federal agency. Thus, if you are facing federal criminal charges, you must prepare accordingly.

It’s undoubtedly important to retain an experienced and respected Orange County federal crimes attorney to represent your interests and defend your rights. Many attorneys are unfamiliar with the complex process and procedure in the federal level. Consequently, they could be exposing their clients to far greater penalties than necessary. Therefore, you should retain an attorney who has regularly demonstrated the ability to handle and succeed when battling against the federal government.

Federal allegations are typically the product of investigations lasting months, if not, years. Consequently, the government is ordinarily armed with a substantial amount of evidence. Evidence may include wire taps, confidential informants, undercover agents, or people who have turned as government witnesses to avoid charges or obtain a reduced sentence. Hence, retaining an experienced attorney to attack the credibility and validity of the government’s case is critical for successful results. Among some of the case we handle include:

  • Counterfeiting Schemes
  • Mail / Wire Fraud
  • Lying to Federal Agents
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Federal Weapons Charges
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Public Corruption
  • Child Pornography
  • Organized Crimes
  • Drug Trafficking

Early Intervention is Critical

Retain a federal crimes lawyer at the earliest stages can have a massive impact on the case. This does not mean that you should wait until you are charged to seek representation. Our office handles cases throughout all stages from grand jury investigations to jury trial. Ordinarily, federal agents seek to question you regarding your individual culpability or involvement in a multi-suspect organized scheme. Early intervention will prevent you from making any incriminating statements and may allow for an opportunity to prevent charges from ever being filed against you.

Federal Sentencing

Federal sentencing is arguably one of the most important stages in a criminal case. A conviction can carry devastating consequences and lengthy prison sentences. Successful negotiations with the prosecutor or outlining your good character trait to the court can substantially reduce a sentence. Ultimately, the judge issues the appropriate sentence considering several factors the defense attorney should highlight in a sentencing memorandum. Therefore, a client who has agreed to enter a plea having a sentence no greater than four years, could walk away with only probation.

Contact an Orange County Federal Lawyer

If you have been charged or are under federal investigation, there is no question that retaining an experienced and respected Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney is critical. To schedule your free confidential consultation, contact the Law Offices of John D. Rogers. His office has an unmatched understanding of federal law and will explore every pertinent fact when mounting your defense.

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