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Orange County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Have you been accused of a sexual assault or other sex crimes? If so, then contact an experienced Orange County sex crimes lawyer immediately. When accused of a sex crime in Orange County or anywhere else, the consequences can have more of a lasting effect than other serious charges. Ordinarily, investigators will speak with friends, relatives, and professional colleagues in hopes of searching for additional victims or evidence. This often causes people to think that you live a “double life”, and you losing lifelong friendships. Consequently, the investigation stages could carry the social stigma of being labeled as a sex offender suspect even if you’ve been falsely accused. A conviction of a California sex offense will cause permanent and irreparable damage to your reputation and a length jail or prison sentence. Importantly, a conviction carries mandated sex offender registration imposing restriction on where you can work, live, or travel.

Avoiding an Orange County Sex Charge before Formal Charges

Just because you’ve been arrested or are under investigation does not mean formal charges are filed against you. Rather, the District Attorney holds the power to file charges. The role of police or investigators is to provide the evidence for the prosecution to file their case. However, when appropriate, an Orange County Sex Crimes Lawyer can contact the prosecuting agency early and convince them not to file formal charges and reject the case completely. Often, the prosecution is not aware of all the evidence in the case – e.g., text messages, video footage, additional witness statements, that could question the credibility of your accuser.

Overview of Sex Charges in California

It is critical to understand that sex crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent. The government holds unlimited resources at their disposal to ensure formal charges lead to a conviction. The penalty for a sex crime carries unimaginable consequences, especially to one’s reputation. It can take a lifetime to build a reputation that can be shattered in seconds. Retaining an experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer in Orange County at the cases earliest stages can mean the difference of serving a state prison sentence or avoiding charges completely.

Defending Sex Crimes in Orange County, CA

It is not uncommon for purported victims utilize the system as leverage against the accused. Sex charges can result with as little as filing a police report alleging a single instance without any corroborating evidence. Therefore, it is critical to hire an experienced attorney who handles these types of cases. All witnesses must be spoken to and interviewed by a defense investigator, evidence must be preserved early on, and early defense mounting must be established. Typically, wrongful accusations are the product of false memories, fabrication, or misunderstandings. Challenging the credibility of government witnesses is arguably the most important aspect in sex trials. And with newly enacted law, most sex offenses will not have a statute of limitations, thereby subjecting someone to prosecution years or even decades later.

Hiring an Orange County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Not every attorney handles defends against sex charges due to the stakes being so high. Thus, if you’re at the center of a sex crime allegation, a quality Orange County criminal lawyer can make matters right. Our office has extensive experience representing clients who have been charged with rape, sexual battery, and other sex related crimes in Orange County Superior Court. His office has an unmatched understanding of California’s sex laws and will explore every pertinent fact when mounting your defense.

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