Posted on September 8, 2017

How to Obtain Your Formal California Criminal Record

Checking your criminal background should be conducted as much as checking your credit score. Those who view their credit report may discover fraudulent activity or mistaken information. Similarly, even if you’ve never been arrested, you may have a criminal conviction noted on your formal RAP sheet.

The best way to obtain your formal criminal record is to receive a live scan – formal finger printing. You first must fill out an application on the California Department of Justice website. Afterwards, you submit your application to a live scan agency. A simple google search will reveal live scan agencies within your area. The cost is usually $40 approximately. Some agencies offer mobile services and can conduct the live scan in your own home.

After submitting a live scan, the California Department of Justice will mail you a formal print out. Your record will reveal the presence of any outstanding warrants, pending cases, and any criminal convictions. Contrary to popular belief, even convictions that have been expunged will still be revealed in a formal live scan report. This is the same print out law enforcement uses when conducting background checks. However, this report is confined to crimes committed or outstanding within California only. You will have the option of have a more expansive background check through the FBI database for an extra fee.

If there’s a mistake on the report, you can report the mistake to the justice department. Annually checking your criminal background is imperative since mistakes are bound to happen. It’s never safe to assume that if you’ve never been arrested, then there’s nothing “on” your record.

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